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About Us

Omani Guesthouse with Charme

BAIT AL AALI is located in the sleepy old part of a small town called Al Hamra, 45 minutes away from Nizwa and neighboring the town of Bahla, which is famous for its pottery and black magic. 

BAIT AL AALI is an 400-years old clay house which has been renovated and modernized to meet today's travelers needs. 

BAIT AL AALI is right next to the date palm farms and surrounded by the Hajar Mountains.  Jebel Shams and Jebel Akhdar are each an 1-hour drive away and invite everyone for some hiking. The farms of Misfat Al Abreen are looking down on BAIT AL AALI. 

After an extensive renovation which thanks to Covid took slightly longer than anticipated, this little guest house has finally opened its doors in fall 2022.


The house is made of clay mud mixed with hay and gravel. Mud let's the house breath and keeps it cooler during the summer months.  

The heart of the house is the big dining table that invites all guests to come together, sit, have coffee, chat and exchange stories. We also come together for breakfast and dinner. Just like visiting your family. Homemade food will be served and sustainability is our priority. We are minimizing plastic usage  and wastage of any kind. 

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